Many years ago, I was recounting an event to a group of co-workers who were all laughing riotously. One of the audience protested, "I wish I had been there."

"But you were," I replied.

"Yes, but you remember it better than I do."

That's story telling. Take a nugget of truth. Highlight the interesting. Surround it with imagery. Weave a tale. Engage the audience.

My foundation? I've spent my entire life in Tennessee and the Carolinas, from the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains to industrial towns of Gastonia and Hickory and the financial center of Charlotte. Today, I'm married and live on the salt marsh of Murrells Inlet with a family of rescued Siberian Huskies known as The Thundering Herd.

I love the natural beauty of the region from the majestic mountains to the gorgeous coast. I've worked in the struggling textile and furniture towns as well as the rapidly growing metropolises. My characters and tales come from that lifetime of experience.

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D.K. Wall

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