December 31, 2018

David Baldacci: The Sixth Man

New Year’s Eve morning and I just finished my 100th book for the year and met my goal – David Baldacci: The Sixth Man

Lots of action, twists and turns. Good guys who appear to be bad guys. Bad guys who appear to be good guys. Many characters meet a deadly end. And our heroes come right to the brink of losing everything with only the fate of the world at stake. If that describes your type of novel, Baldacci is one of the best at the craft.

Former Secret Service Agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called to Maine to meet with an attorney who is representing a mysterious serial killer, but when they arrive, they find the attorney has been murdered. He left no record of who hired him or what his defense strategy was. The defendant is of no help because he is catatonic. And the FBI has swarmed the area, a confusing move when the serial killer is already in jail.

As King and Maxwell dig into the mystery, more federal agents appear, the serial killer turns out not to be what anyone thinks, new bad guys appear with the turn of every page, and lots of bodies turn up. And, yes, Baldacci keeps this pace up to the very last page of the novel.

By the way, this is technically the 5th in the King and Maxwell series, but don’t fret about that. You can easily read the novel as a standalone.

David Baldacci: The Sixth Man
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