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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Jeff Abbott: The Three Beths

Jeff Abbott: The Three Beths

Book 28 on my “March to 100 for 2019″—Jeff Abbott: The Three Beths—Is a serial killer stalking Beths or is something else causing a moniker disappearance?

Beth has disappeared without a trace. Her husband is widely suspected as the cause, but her college-aged daughter, Mariah, doesn’t believe it. And through a friend with a “True-crime” podcast (and dreams of a network TV show), she discovers a second Beth who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

At first glance, the two women share nothing except a name in common. But is there a deeper connection? Are the disappearances linked in some fashion?

And would have anything to do with a third Beth, who also can’t be found?

A wild pursuit of justice with more potential suspects than the average Hitchcock film. Hang on for the wild ride.

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