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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Wary Bobcat Staring - March 13 2017

Wary Bobcat Near The House

Bobcat sightings can be quite elusive, but for a second time, a wary bobcat strolled just outside my study window during its hunt.

Wary Bobcat - March 13 2017

I was working in my study in the front of the house when one of my dogs sat up and stared at the window. He saw something of great interest based on his wide eyes, so I turned and followed his gaze. Less than 50 yards away, a bobcat crouched in the brush.

Wary Bobcat Staring - March 13 2017

Our movement in the study did not go unnoticed as the bobcat stared directly into my camera lens. Photographing through a window and screen is never ideal, but any movement to a better location would have scared him away. Didn’t matter anyway as just a few seconds ticked by before he disappeared across the field and into the woods beside the house.

Wary Bobcat Leaving - March 13 2017

As always, you can click on the image above to view a large quality image.

5 thoughts on “Wary Bobcat Near The House”

  1. What a beautiful kitty lol. Which dog alerted you? My guess is Typhoon. That boy is always in your study for some reason or another lol. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  2. Did your Siberians notice the bobcat? Did you get some snow Sunday and last night? Got 2-3 inches on Sunday and 1-2 inches of snow last night here in Little Switzerland. Huskies enjoyed playing in the snow! Looks like Mitch Seavey got to Nome first with his son right behind him! Notice Jessee Royer has 16 dogs running as of last check and is in 5th place! She is the next woman to win this race in my opinion! Hope she gets the Leonard Seppala Award for dog care! Dave Lukosik


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