Stories and Essays

Short vignettes about the world around me though my imagination "remembers" things differently.

Crappy Little Short Story

A Crappy Little Short Story

This is not a literary masterpiece. It’s a crappy little short story. A tale of rainy weather, dog walking, and the necessary output from those efforts.
please and thank you

Please and Thank You

A simple good morning, hello, please, and thank you make strangers smile at each other. Wouldn't the world be great if we did more of that?
Murrells Inlet Sunrise

Change of Scenery

The simplest explanation why we are leaving Maggie Valley and moving to Murrells Inlet is a change of scenery. The complete truth is more complex.
Running on Empty

Running On Empty

Rural highways, small towns, a big funeral, and lots of crops, but no service stations in sight and I was running on empty.


The most grueling non-writing part of my author launch is now officially done - the dreaded headshot of my authorly countenance.
Black Magic

Black Magic

How do you create black magic in the middle of the night? Two dogs, two rabbits, a bright flashlight, a social media post, and an evil overlord.
Cave Entrapment

Cave Entrapment Of The Minor Kind

The heroic rescue of the boys in Thailand sparked the memory of my own spelunking experience which included a cave entrapment of the minor kind.
Eyes Wide Open Title

Eyes Wide Open

The middle of the night. A dark bedroom. My sleep disturbed. I find myself clutching the covers with my eyes wide open. Oh, the horror.
Privacy Policy I Wish I Had Used

The Privacy Policy I Wish I Had Used

Has your inbox been overflowing with Privacy Policies lately? I updated mine, too, but I thought my first draft was much better. Hope you enjoy the Privacy Policy I Wish I Had Used.
Facebook versus small websites

Facebook Versus Small Websites

Millions of websites around the world rely on the biggest social media platform in the world, but how are they fairing in the battle of Facebook Versus Small Websites? Some info for website managers and creators.
Brad And His Date

Brad And His Date

A wink-and-a-smile charming young man, Brad was a scoundrel. A mostly true tale of Brad and his date on a sidewalk in Folly Beach, South Carolina.
Leaving YouTube One Month later

Leaving YouTube: One Month Later

Last month, I announced that I was leaving YouTube in response to their changes in the partnership program. One month later, do I still think leaving is the right answer?

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