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Short vignettes about the world around me though my imagination "remembers" things differently.

Missing The Point Of Eye Tests

I was ten years old when I started wearing glasses. It would have been much earlier, but I was missing the point of eye tests. To explain this, you first need to understand that academics came easy. My first few years of school consisted of near perfect scores on all tests. As strange as this…

Go Home, Tourist, Go Home

Living in a tourist area has more positives than not, but sometimes I empathize with a little Charleston girl shouting, “Go home, tourist, go home.” I love meeting many of the people who visit this area. I have had many a great conversation with people from all around the world. Seriously, everywhere. A few years…

High School Nightmare Of Politics

My dream transported back more years than I care to count. Back to the world of cliques, petty rivalries, and insecurities. Nothing at all like the adult world. Or maybe exactly like the adult world. Welcome to my high school nightmare. Two big clubs were arch rivals of each other, fighting over insignificant things. Rumor had…

WordPress Username Security And Author URL

WordPress username security - Step by step instructions for creating unique usernames and hiding them by changing your author URL without plugins.

Amazon – A Retailing Dinosaur

Without a doubt, Amazon has revolutionized the retailing industry. They dominate e-commerce retailing in the Western World. So what logical person calls them a retailing dinosaur? Me. My opinion only matters if you accept me as a sane person. In fairness, questioning my sanity is not difficult. I just posted that cartoon for all to…
A Great Man

A Great Man

This post originally appeared on The Thundering Herd website – June 14, 2011 On Sunday evening, the world lost a great man.  He may not have been famous and most of you may never have met him, but he was great nonetheless.  I want to take a moment to tell you about him. He was…

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