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around the house

Around The House – Timelapse

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Just in case taking dozens of photographs is not enough, you can always pursue time-lapse photography and take thousands and thousands of photographs. With the autumn so pretty in the Great Smoky Mountains, I thought taking some time-lapse around the house would be perfect.

Over a period of several days, I stationed the camera at different parts of the yard. Over the course of those days, I took over 5,000 photos before beginning the editing process. Each segment is edited separately to balance the light and then the segments are stitched together to create the movie. It is a fun, fascinating branch of photography.

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3 thoughts on “Around The House – Timelapse

    • Yes, these photos were taken the second and third week of October. The wildfires at the time were small and just normal. I wanted to add a couple of more angles to the video, but the smoke has made that impossible. Always next time.

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