The best lies you tell your friends.
The worst lies you tell yourself.

The best lies you tell your friends.
The worst lies you tell yourself.

In country stores and diners, old men gather over breakfast and coffee to swap tall tales. The fish are bigger, danger greater, and adventures wilder in the stories told at a Liars’ Table. No harm in stretching the truth when nothing exciting happens in their small town.

Until someone steals Purvis Webb’s car. Life is hard enough. A wife in a nursing home. An estranged daughter. A grandson he didn’t know existed.

Unable to accept one more indignity, Purvis takes matters into his own hands. His pursuit of the thief leads him to places he never thought he'd go and to decisions he never wanted to have to make.

In this rich, layered story about life spinning out of control, past and present entwine seamlessly with engaging characters. The reader will be eagerly flipping the pages to see what happens next.

Many years ago, D.K. Wall regaled a group of co-workers with a colorful story. One lady wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. "I wish I had been there."

"But you were."

"Yes, but you remember it better than I do."

That's the art of story telling. Begin with a nugget of truth. Highlight the interesting. Surround with imagery. Weave fact and fiction to create an engaging tale. Remember it better.

D.K. has lived his entire life in the Carolinas and Tennessee—from the highest elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains near Maggie Valley to the industrial towns of Gastonia and Hickory, the cities of Charlotte and Nashville, and the coastal salt marsh of Murrells Inlet.

Over the years, he’s watched the textile and furniture industries wither and the banking and service industries explode, changing the face of the region. He uses his love of storytelling to share tales about the people and places affected.

Married and living in Asheville, surrounded by his family of rescued Siberian Huskies known as The Thundering Herd, D.K. takes the characters and tales of his lifetime of experience and remembers them better for your entertainment.

D.K. Wall

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