Six-year-old Jaxon Lathan disappeared while playing in a park. Ten years later, he’s found wandering a deserted highway.

Six-year-old Jaxon Lathan disappeared while playing in a park. Ten years later, he’s found wandering a deserted highway.

The boy’s family races to the hospital to see him, but they are shocked at the sight. The bubbly youngster has been replaced by a scarred and emaciated teen. As they begin to bridge the lost years and rebuild their bonds, they must wrestle with their own guilt and demons.

Fearing other children are at risk, the sheriff follows the clues deep into the Great Smoky Mountains. He finds half-buried secrets, a twisted family, and his own missed opportunities. When he peels back the last layer of the mystery, the revelation shakes everyone.

All Jaxon has dreamed for years is to be with his family. Has too much happened or can he find his way home?

Jaxon with an X is an emotionally charged standalone literary fiction novel. If you like rural settings, broken families learning to heal, and stories of personal endurance, you’ll love D.K. Wall’s absorbing tale.


Empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and hope with a light at the end of a dark, twisting tunnel.

Empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and hope with a light at the end of a dark, twisting tunnel.

Every small town has its secrets. This one could tear his world apart.

Nathan Thomas feels grateful for his loving family and a steady job in a town where work is scarce. Still haunted by a deadly accident that severed his closest friendships, he hopes his bad luck is well behind him. But a fresh betrayal and a shocking revelation could take everything he loves away.

With his marriage strained to the breaking point, Nathan's forced to confront his devastating youth for answers. As he fights for his family, will accepting the crushing realities of his past let him secure a possible future?

The Lottery is a heartfelt novel set in a quiet Appalachian town. If you like relatable characters, true-to-life hardships, and unforgettable drama, then you’ll love D. K. Wall’s captivating story.


Buy The Lottery to experience working-class struggles and triumphs today!

 This is the book that kept me up until 2 am because I couldn’t put it down. Wonderful characters, so well written I truly felt I knew them and a story that drew me in and kept me riveted to the end.  

 Once i started reading it i couldn't put it down. It had lots of twists and kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen.  

 Since I live in Western NC where it is set, I was drawn to it and found it to be very true to the small towns of the region and the challenges they now face. 

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Focusing my camera on some of my favorite landscapes and wildlife of the Carolinas (and sometimes a time-lapse).

Many years ago, I was recounting an event to a group of co-workers who were all laughing riotously. One of the audience protested, "I wish I had been there."

"But you were," I replied.

"Yes, but you remember it better than I do."

That's story telling. Take a nugget of truth. Highlight the interesting. Surround it with imagery. Weave a tale. Engage the audience.

My foundation? I've spent my entire life in Tennessee and the Carolinas, from the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains to industrial towns of Gastonia and Hickory and the financial center of Charlotte. Today, I'm married and live on the salt marsh of Murrells Inlet with a family of rescued Siberian Huskies known as The Thundering Herd.

I love the natural beauty of the regions from the majestic mountains to the gorgeous coast. I've worked in the struggling textile and furniture towns as well as the rapidly growing metropolises. My characters and tales come from that lifetime of experience.

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D.K. Wall

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