Books Read

I discovered the joy of reading as a little kid. My library card was one of my most prized possessions and it allowed me to escape to worlds created by Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Stephen King, and so many others.

During my career in Corporate America, time was so pressed that I read primarily for work—contracts, nonfiction books, manuals, etc. Now I have the time again for pleasure and read about 100 books a year in a wide variety of genres. I highlight some of the most memorable below.

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    NOTE: I am in the process of redesigning my books read page over the next several days. 2020 is current and I will add 2019 in the next day or two and then 2018 and 2017. Sorry for this live exercise in website construction, but come back soon for much, much more. I will also be adding a search feature so you can search by author, title, or anything else. Should be complete by mid-September at the latest.