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A young boy walks alone in the midst of a snow storm.

Six-year-old Jaxon disappeared from a small town in the North Carolina mountains. Ten years later, an emaciated teen appears with a tale of unimaginable abuse.

The sheriff thought he had solved the crime, but the boy's story leads him to a house of secrets and a horrifying mass grave. As the victims are identified one-by-one, the story of what really happened to young Jaxon comes to light.

While the police work to piece together the crimes, Jaxon's family struggles to rebuild their relationship with their long-lost son. His return rekindles the guilt each of them carries about the day he disappeared.

Jaxon craves the warmth and love of the family he barely remembers. But why does he deserve to be happy when his best friend from those dark years will never return?

Jaxon with an X is an emotionally charged standalone literary fiction novel. If you like rural settings, broken families learning to heal, and stories of personal endurance, you’ll love D.K. Wall’s absorbing tale.


Can Jaxon with an X find his way out of the cold?