Many years ago, D.K. Wall regaled a group of co-workers with a colorful story. One lady wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. "I wish I had been there."

"But you were."

"Yes, but you remember it better than I do."

That's the art of story telling. Begin with a nugget of truth. Highlight the interesting. Surround with imagery. Weave fact and fiction to create an engaging tale. Remember it better.

D.K. has lived his entire life in the Carolinas and Tennessee—from the highest elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains near Maggie Valley to the industrial towns of Gastonia and Hickory, the cities of Charlotte and Nashville, and the coastal salt marsh of Murrells Inlet.

Over the years, he’s watched the textile and furniture industries wither and the banking and service industries explode, changing the face of the region. He uses his love of storytelling to share tales about the people and places affected.

Married and living in Asheville, surrounded by his family of rescued Siberian Huskies known as The Thundering Herd, D.K. takes the characters and tales of his lifetime of experience and remembers them better for your entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these books in a series? Do I need to read them in a particular order?

Each book is a standalone novel, so the books may be read in any order. Some characters may appear in multiple books, just as they would in any small town, but the stories do not build on each other.

What formats are available for your books?

All novels are available as both paperbacks and ebooks.

Are your books available as audiobooks?

We are working to expand the book offering to include audiobooks some time in 2023. Stay tuned for more information.

Are your books available in bookstores?

My books are are available to bookstores around the globe through the Ingram Group and its partners, the world’s largest printer and distributor. Unfortunately, most stores only stock a small percentage of titles available, but they will gladly order any title. Please ask your favorite bookstore to order my books for you. Your interest may help them discover my work.

Are your books available in libraries?

I love libraries and want to support them. My books are are available to libraries around the globe as both ebooks and paperbacks. Please ask your local library to add them to their collection.

Are your books available through Kindle Unlimited


Kindle Unlimited requires authors to list their ebooks exclusively with Amazon in order to participate in their program. That would require me to remove my ebook from competing stores, including in countries where Amazon doesn’t offer service.

More importantly to me, that would require me to not make my ebooks available to libraries. That’s not acceptable to me.

My books are available for sale through the regular Amazon store, but not through KU.

Is Millerton a real town? I want to visit.

Millerton and its inhabitants exist only in my mind and my books.

I found an error in a book. How do I let you know?

Argh! I hate that.

An awesome team of editors have the challenging job of wrangling my creative use of commas, but sometimes I'm tricky enough to get one past them. Please use the form below and let me know.

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