Many years ago, D.K. Wall was recounting an event to a group of co-workers who were all laughing riotously. One of the audience spoke up and said, "I wish I had been there."

"But you were," D.K. protested.

"Yes, but you remember it better than I do," she replied.

And that is the essence of a story teller. Take a nugget of truth. Highlight the interesting. Surround it with imagery. Weave a tale. Engage the audience.

D.K. Wall is the creative force behind The Thundering Herd, recounting the adventures of six Siberian Huskies and their hapless Hu-Dad - the author. For over ten years, their antics have entertained thousands with words, photographs, and videos.

After decades of traveling all over the world for a finance career, D.K. made the decision in 2013 to leave the corporate world to focus on family, those crazy Siberian Huskies and his beloved mountains surrounding his home in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. He can often be found hiking trails and capturing the photographs seen on this website.

The extra time has also allowed him to dust off the dozens of stories - some short and some long - that he has written over the years. He is publishing short stories here weekly and working on the first of many novels due to be published mid 2018.