Monday Musings

Starting each week with a little thought and a few links you might enjoy (plus a gratuitous picture of one of my dogs).

Magic Kibble

May 9, 2021 |

I impressed Landon, one of my dogs, with my ability to produce never-ending, magic kibble for a recent meal.

A Friend Died

May 2, 2021 |

A friend died last month and left me wondering about the way we meet people in today’s interconnected world.

Affect Your Environment

April 25, 2021 |

A recent incident left me thinking of the ways we affect our environment and how we can make a positive impact.

Terms Of Service

April 18, 2021 |

Why do companies think burying an obscure item in their favor deep in the terms of service is a good idea?

Clear Communications

April 11, 2021 |

Clear communications are critical as a writer to avoid misinterpretations. Also important as a home owner, as I recently discovered.

Are We There Yet?

April 4, 2021 |

In a cosmic revenge for my own behavior as a child, my dogs ask “Are We There Yet?” on long car trips.

Toboggan Good Deed

March 28, 2021 |

A simple good deed involving my toboggan—a hat, not a sled—once again shows me more good people exist than bad.

I Canceled Netflix

March 21, 2021 |

I canceled Netflix. No, I’m not mad at them. This isn’t some political protest. I’ve simply grown bored with TV and movies.

A Shot In The Arm

March 13, 2021 |

Which is worse? Packing to move or getting a shot? My answer is simple. One’s a pain in the arm and other is a pain in the … you know.

Moving to Asheville

March 7, 2021 |

We’re moving to Asheville, back to the mountains after our great experiment with coastal living in Murrells Inlet.

More Good Than Bad

February 28, 2021 |

A couple of encounters on our walking trail reminded me of an important truth—more good than bad exists in this world.

A Tale Of Two Towns

February 21, 2021 |

Can you pronounce the town name Beaufort? The explanation of this trick question in today’s Monday Musing.

Quality Control

February 14, 2021 |

Quality control for writers, app designers, or candy makers—How many mistakes are too many?

Parking Lot Gourmet

February 7, 2021 |

So many weird experiences in a very strange year, and the parking lot gourmet is just the latest.

Majestic Indelicacy

January 31, 2021 |

Mother Nature simultaneously reminds me of her beauty and her gritty reality in a Majestic Indelicacy.

Package Delivery

January 24, 2021 |

An unusual request during a package delivery to the house has left me puzzled. Maybe someone else can explain this.

Vaccination Day

January 17, 2021 |

Finally, I had my second vaccination day and know my health is better protected. Unfortunately, not the vaccination you think.

Quick Vacation

Quick Vacation

January 10, 2021 |

We all need a break from work sometimes, so we took off on a quick vacation down to Charleston SC last week.

Coming To A Full Stop

January 3, 2021 |

A packed schedule and deadline pressures can’t be dealt with when my internet connections screeches to a full stop.

Futile Plans

December 27, 2020 |

The first step in annual goal setting is to review prior year achievements, not something particularly impressive in this weird year.

Wrapping Christmas Presents

December 20, 2020 |

My highly-suspect present-wrapping skills don’t really yield better results than wadded up paper and a hot glue gun.

M&M Shortage

December 13, 2020 |

How many M&M’s are in an individual bag? I know. Trust me, I know

Shaggy Dog Story

December 6, 2020 |

Our recent encounter with a massive beast and its magical rider… or is this just another shaggy dog story?

Christmas Decorations

November 29, 2020 |

I love Thanksgiving, but the day it is over, we move on to the best part of the year—Christmas Decorations.


November 22, 2020 |

Despite everything this year has thrown at us, we still have lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday.


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