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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Sally Green: Half Lost

Sally Green: Half Lost

Book 26 on my “March to 100 for 2019″—Sally Green: Half Lost—In the final book of the trilogy, half-black half-white witch Nathan leads an army.

This is the third book in the “Half” series after Half Bad and Half Wild about a brewing war between black and white witches. I can’t tell you much about this particular book without revealing spoilers from the first two books, so let me instead spend a minute talking about the series.

Our protagonist, Nathan, is a teenage product of a black witch father, one of the most feared witches on earth, and a white witch mother. He has also become the lead warrior in a war to unseat an evil white witch who has become a dictator.

Nathan struggles between his good and bad traits and the understanding of his powerful gifts. The story is quite violent and the ethics and motives of various characters is quite slippery. If, however, you enjoy the fantasy realms of witches and magic, I suspect you will like the book.

As I have mentioned before, I freely admit that this is not my typical genre, but I did enjoy the character of Nathan and his struggle with finding his own course in life.

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