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Getting News From Social Media

April 10, 2022 |

I’ve long scoffed at the silliness of getting news from social media, but events have made me realize it does have a place.

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Color Me Crazy

April 3, 2022 |

Beyond the basic red, yellow, and blue, you can color me crazy with the eleventy-seven bazillion variations and their weird names.

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Bad Brain

March 27, 2022 |

I try so hard every day to build good habits, but my bad brain always tries to derail me from doing the things I need to accomplish.

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Cloaked In Darkness (Why I Hate Daylight Saving Time)

March 20, 2022 |

Many people cheered last week’s Senate news about time changes, but I suspect others will soon agree to hate daylight saving time year round.

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young people today

Young People Today

March 13, 2022 |

All we wanted was a quiet dinner at a local restaurant when we encountered a group of teenagers and a lesson about young people today.

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Allergies: Nothing To Sneeze At

March 6, 2022 |

Beautiful spring weather brought sunshine, warm temperatures, and an explosive assault on my allergies. Just try not to sneeze.

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Tasty Motivation

February 27, 2022 |

Today’s musing happened—on time—because of beer. No, no, I didn’t drink before writing, but a tasty motivation is real. Confused? Let me explain.

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Broken Streak

February 20, 2022 |

I thought I was doing well developing a good habit, but a closer look led to a broken streak and a refocus on what was really important.

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Confessions Of A Sports Idiot

February 13, 2022 |

From former sports fan and frustrated athlete, I’ve completed the transition to total sports idiot and am happy with the label.

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Wordle Hurdle

February 6, 2022 |

Though I’ve been accused of not leading a cutting-edge life, I actually experiment with the latest internet fad in a Wordle Hurdle.

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changing my mind

Changing My Mind

January 30, 2022 |

Since I’ve posted my opinions and thoughts for so many years, it’s embarrassing to admit to changing my mind about things I’ve proclaimed.

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Running on Ice

January 23, 2022 |

As I struggled to walk in our snow, a teenager running on ice reminded me of the joys of youth and the bruises and scars it causes.

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