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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Summer Evening For Horses

Summer Evening For Horses

We had a perfect late summer evening for horses last night.  Our weather has been unseasonably hot the last few weeks, though that is still much cooler than most of the east coast. Yesterday evening, however, was near perfect for this time of year with clear skies and little threat of showers.

We were driving into the valley for a Sunday evening dinner, but slowed to watch our neighbor’s equines enjoying the field grasses.They were spread out across the pasture, but these two had found a patch of grass near the road. The horse on the right was busy neighing at me, busily protesting our presence in their pasture. The partner on the left ignored me and focused on food.

I was able to capture several photographs from the truck, but was interrupted by another horse that insisted on a vehicle inspection. He was disappointed in our lack of snacks (which we would never share anyway since they are not our horses). That inspection can be much more problematic when we are headed home from the grocery, especially if we are in the open Jeep Wrangler. Regardless, without a reward tonight, the horse thoroughly sniffed us before suggesting we could move along.

Since we were headed to get our own dinner, we thought that was a wise decision.

Summer Evening For Horses


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