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Short Stories - My unique ability to remember and interpret things I see and hear. Sometimes I will make you laugh. And sometimes cry.

Photography - I focus my camera on the beautiful mountains around our home and the wildlife that cavorts here.

The Thundering Herd - The daily tales and photographs of my rambunctious group of adopted Siberian Huskies.

But did you know my debut novel, The Lottery, will be released in January 2019?

The Lottery

Coming January 2019

What if you discovered your life was built on a lie that, once revealed, threatened to destroy what matters most to you?

Nathan Thomas considers himself lucky despite his hard-scrabbled upbringing. He married his high school girlfriend and they are raising a happy, healthy son. He has a steady job when so many can’t find work in the dying manufacturing town. And he has friends whom he can rely on through thick and thin.

But an accidental discovery shatters the illusion of his happy life and unearths long-buried secrets. Those he thought he could trust the most have betrayed him, threatening to rip the most precious part of his life, his son, away from him.

Will Nathan lose everything precious in his life? Or can he find a path to happiness?

The Lottery peeks into the lives and struggles of a disappearing working class in the Appalachian Mountains. If you like stories about hard-working, true-to-life people who value a good life, you’ll love D.K. Wall’s debut novel.

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Abandoned factory photo by Liz Weddon on Unsplash