One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

James Patterson Along Came A spider

Along Came A Spider

James Patterson

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Yes, I know, this is a 30 year old book. I had never read it. As I watched his Masterclass, I realized I had never read any James Patterson book, one of a very few people who can say that. What better first book to read than the first of the Alex Cross series?

Cross is a D.C. detective and board-certified psychologist who is pulled into a kidnapping case involving two wealthy kids. The suspect appears obvious since a well-respected teacher brazenly tricked them into his car and disappeared, but the mystery deepens as they realize the teacher lied about his past and his credentials. One kid’s body is found. The other kid’s family agrees to pay a sizable ransom, but the transfer of money goes wrong and the kidnappers disappear along with the second kid.

When the teacher surfaces, he claims to have no memory of any of the events and his lawyer puts forth a split personality defense.

Cross is faced with multiple mysteries. Is the teacher faking a psychotic disorder? Are other murders connected? Who are the other kidnappers? Is the missing child alive or dead?

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