One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Stephen King Billy Summers

Billy Summers

Stephen King

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Billy Summers is a hit man determined to retire after just one more job, though even he recognizes the trope of how the last job always goes wrong.

The hit requires him to take on an assumed identity in a small city and wait for the opportunity. What he doesn’t anticipate is that he builds friendships with the neighbors of his rental house and the other tenants in the office building. The office is both part of his cover and the perfect sniper vantage point for him to take the shot when the opportunity comes.

To pass the time, and to complete his cover, he begins writing the story of his life. His troubled childhood. His decision to enter the military and train as a sniper. The losses of people he loved.

Not trusting the people who hired him, he devises an escape plan after he completes the hit. As he expected, the hunter becomes the hunted.

What he doesn’t expect is to befriend the victim of an unrelated crime. She complicates his plan for escape and revenge, but also touches his heart in a way he hadn’t expected.

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