One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Bryan Reardon The Real Michael Swann

The Real Michael Swann

Bryan Reardon

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Julia Swann is talking to her husband on the phone when a bomb explodes in New York City. She leaves her two young sons with her supportive neighbors as she races to the city to try to find him.

The police suspect Michael Swann is not an innocent victim in the explosion, but a perpetrator of the heinous act. And they have come to believe that he escaped the carnage and is on the run.

An injured man regains consciousness and joins the rest of the injured trying to escape the city. Though he feels he needs to avoid the police, he doesn’t remember his name, why he was in the train station or even the code to unlock his cellphone so he can reply to the messages from a woman—Julia Swann who claims to be his wife he doesn’t remember.

The media and police descend on Julia suspecting her involvement and knowledge is greater than she admits. Neighbors and friends began to connect past events and their suspicion grows.

Julia wants to defend her husband against the accusations, but struggles as she reconciles what she knows with what she learns.

Who is the real Michael Swann?

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