One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

CJ Box Back of Beyond

Back of Beyond

C.J. Box

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Cody Holt’s history in law enforcement is both brilliant in skill and dark in behavior. When his AA sponsor is found dead in a remote cabin, Cody believes it was murder, not the suicide everyone else suspects. He battles the demons of his alcoholism while trying to remain focused on the case. His partner, wary of getting entangled in an unpopular case, sifts through the clues and considers the possibilities, but the two don’t trust each other.

They discover a string of similar crimes, but finding any connection is elusive. The killer appears to be heading into the Yellowstone wilderness, a vast remote area that rarely sees humans and is described by guides as back of beyond. But what could possibly be out there valuable enough to murder?

Cody doesn’t know the answer, but he does know the one thing dear to him is there—his teenaged son on an adventure trip with his new stepfather. Despite his lack of outdoor skills, Cody has no choice but to pursue the killer and save his son.

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