One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Chevy Stevens: Dark Roads

Dark Roads

Chevy Stevens

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The isolated Canadian community of Cold Creek has a problem—a serial killer has been kidnapping and murdering young women for years.

Hailey McBride knows the danger because she grew up in the community. When she finds herself orphaned, she moves in with her aunt and uncle. Uncle Vaughn is a law enforcement officer and is known among the local teenagers as the Ice Man for his cold-hearted treatment of locals. When Hailey discovers a much darker secret about him, she knows her life is in danger and disappears.

Beth Chevalier also knows the danger because her sister, Amber, was a victim, her body found discarded in a ditch. When she comes to town for answers, she meets handsome and charming Jonny, a friend of Hailey’s who has secrets of his own. Jonny and Vaughn have long clashed and the lawman dislikes Jonny’s connections with the three girls.

When Beth goes hiking in the woods, she makes a startling discovery that disturbs a tangled web of lies.

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