April 30, 2020

David Baldacci: A Minute To Midnight

David Baldacci: A Minute To Midnight—FBI agent Atlee Pine returns to her Georgia hometown to understand her sister’s kidnapping as a child.

When Atlee Pine was five, a man broke into her bedroom and kidnapped her twin sister. Mercy’s body was never found.

Now an FBI agent, Atlee returns to her hometown in Georgia in an attempt to solve the crime. As she reconnects with people who knew her family, she discovers the mystery is much deeper. Her parents may not have been who they claimed to be and their past may be directly connected to her sister’s disappearance.

While in the town, Atlee has another problem. Bodies keep turning up, staged in a way that indicates a very depraved serial killer is on the loose.

Can Atlee catch a serial killer and solve her own family’s mysteries?

Why don’t I rate the books I read? The simple truth is I stop reading any book I don’t like, so I never finish it and don’t count it as a book read. Thus, I like every book I complete. The rest is subjective. Whether or not you will like the book is as much about whether the subject interests you and the author’s style is one you enjoy.

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