September 27, 2019

Dawn Lee McKenna: Squall Line

Book 49 on my “March to 100 for 2019″—Dawn Lee McKenna: Squall Line—Social media, bullying, and guns in school collide in a manhunt.

A small coastal town of the Florida Panhandle is rocked when one of its police officers is shot breaking up a fight at a school bus stop. Like much of today’s world, the crime is captured on camera and quickly posted on social media. The police launch a manhunt for Ryan, the teenage shooter, but also uncover a history of bullying.

Lt. Maggie Hamilton isn’t surprised to discover that her daughter, Sky, knows Ryan and his bullies. They are all seniors at the local high school set to graduate within days. Her suspicions grow that Sky knows Ryan more than she is admitting.

When Ryan’s tormentor disappears, suspicions grow that Ryan has kidnapped him. Soon enough, videos on social media prove that the bully is being held against his will and demonstrate Ryan’s desperation.

When Sky goes missing as well, Maggie knows her time is limited to save all the teenagers. Can she find them in time?

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