One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Dean Koontz In The Heart of the Fire

In the Heart of the Fire

Dean Koontz

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Best-selling author Dean Koontz shocked the publishing world with his recently announced deal with Amazon. He freely admits that his books will become more difficult to get in bookstores (since many refuse to stock books published by their giant competitor), but it gives him freedom to experiment. In the Heart of the Fire is the first of six short-stories in the new Nameless series offered exclusively as audio and e-books on Amazon. For Amazon Prime members, they are free (and inexpensive for non-members).

Nameless is a vigilante with a memory problem. He doesn’t remember his name or much of anything about his past, but he has a set of ruthless skills that are helpful in pursuing a violent form of justice. He works for a shadowy organizations—even Nameless knows little about them—who assigns him his next target.

In this opening short book, the target is a corrupt Texas sheriff with unsavory desires for little girls. He stops at absolutely nothing to get what he wants, including the murder of whole families. Nameless’ mission is to first torment and then stop the sheriff is as poetically appropriate way as possible.

P.S. – I don’t plan on recapping all of the Nameless books as each part of the series is a short story, but I do plan to read the six already available and further ones as they are published.

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