One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Gregg Olsen A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place

Gregg Olsen

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A rural sheriff’s department lead—and only—detective investigates the grisly murder of a parent and their son just days after a tornado destroyed parts of the town. The prime suspect is the older son who is now missing.

As Detective Emily Kenyon shifts through the clues and learns more about the missing boy’s outcast nature at school, she also learns that her daughter Jenna knows Nick quite well. When Jenna disappears as well, Emily’s fears grow and she follows the trail they leave.

That hunt leads her to a serial killer jailed two decades earlier and the women who became enamored with him after his incarceration.

Emily races to find her daughter, connect the dots of the diverse stories, and solve a gruesome murder.

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