One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Gregg Olsen The Last Thing She Ever Did

The Last Thing She Ever Did

Gregg Olsen

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In her haste running late one morning, Liz backs her car out of her garage and hits a neighbor’s 3-year-old child. Panicked but realizing no one saw the accident, she compounds her horrible error by deciding to cover up the accident. On the verge of a financial windfall he has worked years to create, her husband, Owen, helps hide the body rather than risk his fortune.

Keeping their secret becomes increasingly difficult as they comfort their best friends and neighbors, Carole and David, as they frantically search for their missing son. Liz sits with Carole day after day, listening to her wonder how her son disappeared without a trace while Liz struggles with the overwhelming grief of knowing she is the cause. The police focus on David since he can’t—or won’t—explain what he was doing that morning.

Liz can’t confess without implicating her husband, Owen can’t trust Liz to keep the secret, Carole and David’s seemingly perfect marriage crumbles, and the police chase leads. When Liz, in her crumbling mental state, goes to visit the boy’s body, she discovers it has disappeared.

The pressure cooker of lies and deceit ultimately explodes in unexpected revelations.

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