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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Harlan Coben: Run Away

Harlan Coben: Run Away

Book 64 on my “Books Read for 2019″—Harlan Coben: Run Away—A father’s search for his college-aged, drug addicted, run-away daughter leads to murder.

Simon and Ingrid Greene have three children, but one, Paige, went off to college with a bright future only to run away after finding drugs and an abusive boyfriend. A chance confrontation between Simon and Aaron, the boyfriend, becomes a YouTube sensation highlighted as class warfare.

Three months later, Aaron has been murdered and Simon is a suspect. Fearing Paige has alway been injured or worse, Simon and Ingrid go to the crime scene and become enmeshed in a shooting among a drug gang.

A retired FBI agent now private investigator becomes intrigued in their situation because of similarities to a case she is working on. No logical connection is apparent at the surface, but a deeper dive uncovers a tenuous if confusing link. Simon and the PI team up to uncover the mystery, even if the answer leads to somewhere they wish had remained hidden.

Why don’t I rate the books I read? The simple truth is I stop reading any book I don’t like, so I never finish it and don’t count it as a book read. Thus, I like every book I complete. The rest is subjective. Whether or not you will like the book is as much about whether the subject interests you and the author’s style is one you enjoy.

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