Harlan Coben: The Boy From The Woods

Harlan Coben: The Boy From The Woods

Harlan Coben: The Boy From The Woods—A PI with a mysterious past investigates the disappearance of a teen and her connection to a seedy political world.

Criminal defense attorney Hester Crimstein’s grandson Matthew comes to her with a problem—he thinks a girl from his high school, Naomi, has disappeared. She enlists the help of Wilde, Matthew’s godfather and a man with his own mysterious past—he was found as a six year old living alone in the woods and has no knowledge of his family.

Suspecting Matthew is hiding detail, Wilde’s investigation quickly hones in on a group of high school students led by wealthy Crash Maynard who have bullied Naomi and intimidate Matthew. Wilde attempts to confront Crash, but his wealthy parents, Dash and Delia, and their security team headed by Gavin Chambers.

And then Crash disappears and a ransom demand is made—Dash, a reality TV producer, is to turn over incriminating video of Presidential candidate Rusty Eggers if he ever wants to see his son again.

Why don’t I rate the books I read? The simple truth is I stop reading any book I don’t like, so I never finish it and don’t count it as a book read. Thus, I like every book I complete. The rest is subjective. Whether or not you will like the book is as much about whether the subject interests you and the author’s style is one you enjoy.

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