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Imagination Conjuring Reality

J.T. Ellison: No One Knows

J.T. Ellison: No One Knows

Book 21 on my “March to 100 for 2019″—J.T. Ellison: No One Knows—On the fifth anniversary of her husband’s murder, Aubrey Hamilton suspects he’s not dead.

The last five years of Aubrey’s life have been a nightmare ever since her husband’s disappearance. With a gap in her alibi and violence in her past, she became a prime suspect for his murder even though his body has never been found.

Her mother-in-law remains convinced of Aubrey’s involvement and maneuvers to gain control of her son’s large life insurance policy.

Still grieving from the loss, Aubrey questions what really happened the night he disappears. But a chance encounter with Chase, a man who reminds her of her husband, gives her the possibility of building a new life.

Unfortunately, another chance encounter with an old associate of her husband leads her to question whether her husband is really dead and whether he was as good of a person as she thought.

Mix in an odd assortment of friends and a slow reveal of flashbacks and you have a story that keeps you wondering who are the bad guys and who are the good guys.

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