J.T. Ellison: Tear Me Apart

J.T. Ellison: Tear Me Apart

J.T. Ellison: Tear Me Apart—An idyllic family’s life is shattered when revelations from a DNA test question their foundations.

Seventeen-year-old Mindy Wright’s perfect life shatters along with her leg in a skiing accident. On the cusp of securing a position with the U.S. Olympic team, she instead finds herself fighting for her life when doctors discover she has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The medical team proposes a stem cell transplant, but screening tests deliver another shocking result—her parents, Jasper and Lauren, are not her parents.

Lauren had never told Mindy that Jasper wasn’t her father. Her first husband had abandoned her pregnant and alone. Jasper entered the picture when Mindy was mere weeks old. He adored Mindy, raised her as his own, and they had never broached the subject.

But the tests also reveal Lauren isn’t the mother, a result that shocks not only Jasper but Judith, Lauren’s much younger and only sister who remembers the pregnancy.

Judith, a renowned DNA specialist for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, suspects a horrible mix-up in the maternity world years earlier. Using the power of national DNA databases, she launches a search for the natural parents in the hopes that they will be matches for the needed transplant. Instead, she uncovers a complex web of lies and deceit.

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