One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

J.T. Ellison The Endarkening

The Endarkening

J.T. Ellison

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American art student Evie Williams is enjoying her studies in Edinburgh, though she is bothered by the missing person posters around town for Brigit Wallace. The girl had been missing for a year and, creepiest of all, bore a striking resemblance to Evie.

Going to an art exhibit at the Dovecot with her friends sounded like a perfect evening. And the start was better than perfect when the first person to arrive was someone she had never met, a a friend of a friend from school. Thomas MacBean was beyond handsome with blue eyes, dimples, and a lilting Northern Scottish accent. Most intriguing of all, one of his paintings was a part of the exhibit, and the most intriguing painting of them all in Evie’s mind.

The painting was so intriguing, she went back time after time to study it, mesmerized by its depth and haunting nature. The painting was not the most haunting of the collection celebrating the dark art of Scotland’s past, but it absorbed her attention.

As she becomes more enthralled with the painting, and Thomas, she begins to experience weird visions, unexplained injuries, and incredible artistic talents. And, most haunting of all, are the voices she hears, voices she knows are coming from the painting itself.

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