John Grisham: The Guardians

John Grisham: The Guardians

John Grisham: The Guardians—Cullen Post, both a lawyer and an Episcopal Priest, fights to free an innocent man against deadly forces.

Cullen Post became so disillusioned with the legal profession, he became an Episcopal Priest. Then he joined Guardian Ministries, an organization dedicated to freeing innocent men from prison. One of his clients is Quincy Miller, a black man who has been in prison for twenty-two years for the murder of a white lawyer.

The case against Quincy was based on eyewitness accounts, forensic evidence, and a jailhouse snitch. As Cullen digs into the case, he discovers weaknesses. The eyewitness didn’t see a lot. The forensic evidence has been scientifically debunked. And the snitch has a pattern of snitching.

Unfortunately for Cullen, some people have a vested interest in keeping the old case closed. How far will they go to keep an innocent man in jail?

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