One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

David Bell Layover


David Bell

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Joshua Fields routine life takes him to airport after airport as he travels the country, a challenge for someone with a deep-seated fear of flying.

He’s bored and unfilled with work, but how do you quit working for the company your father owns? The elder Fields sacrificed and worked hard for his son and Josh feels grateful and indebted, but trapped.

Going home to Chicago after a week of traveling isn’t rewarding either. He doesn’t feel connected to his girlfriend and knows they are drifting apart.

When a beautiful, mysterious woman sits beside him in an airport bar and strikes up a conversation, he feels an immediate connection. When their respective flights are called, Morgan kisses him passionately and disappears down the concourse. Josh looks up at the television in the bar and sees her face on the news as a missing person.

Predictable Josh makes a rash decision. He changes flights to chase the woman he barely knows, a decision that takes him deep into a criminal mystery.

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