One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:


Let Her Lie

Brian Reardon

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Documentary film maker Theo Snyder flamed out after his initial success with the film The Basement. An embarrassing and highly public scandal scuttled his career. No one wants to work with him and he slinks away. But what if he can create a new hit? Will all be forgiven?

Desperate to return to his success, Theo pursues interviews with prisoner Jasper Ross-Johnson, the notorious “Halo Killer” who made a critical mistake and was caught after years of leaving no clues. Theo gets him to open up as no one else has been able to and the footage is spectacular. But the deeper Theo delves into the life and mind of a serial killer, the more unsettled he becomes.

Why did such a skilled killer get caught? What really happened to stop him before he could kill his final victim? Uncovering that answer may be Theo’s only hope.

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