One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Lisa Jackson You Will Pay

You Will Pay

Lisa Jackson

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Four people disappear without a trace within a week of each other, three employees of a summer religious camp and one an escaped convict.

Twenty years later, human body parts are found at the now abandoned camp. As the police investigation intensifies, inconsistencies and contradictions in the camp counselors original police statements are revealed. Each person knows what they saw and heard and what information they withheld years earlier—and each person has their own reason for not wanting those facts to come to light today impacting their present lives.

The female camp counselors gather together, as they had two decades earlier, to get their stories straight before talking to the police, but suspicions of each other threaten to fracture their original pact.

The police investigation is complicated by one of their own detectives involvement. He worked at the camp that summer and spent his free time pursuing the affections of the girls who worked there. He also is the estranged son of the minister who founded the camp on land his second wife’s (now ex) family owned.

The list of suspects is long. Their interconnections are murky and complicated. And everyone has something to hide.

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