One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Look Closer David Ellis

Look Closer

David Ellis

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Lauren, a wealthy socialite living apart from her husband, Conrad, is dangling from her second floor banister with a noose around her neck. Simon, her lover, slips out the front door dressed in a costume appropriate for the Halloween night.

Simon is a law professor married to Vicky. Their marriage is crumbling and Simon isn’t the only one in an affair. Vicky is seeing Christian Newsome, a wealthy investment advisor who offers to invest Vicky’s millions once she divorces Simon and collects $10 million. But Simon’s trust fund freezes her out of the money unless she remains married to him for ten years—a date to arrive three days after that fateful Halloween.

At Lauren’s murder scene, Sergeants Jane Burke and Andy Tate find a burner cell phone. Did the murderer leave it by accident? Or was it planted to misdirect the investigation. Unraveling the crime, they find twisted histories. Simon was a prime suspect in his father’s murder. Vicky, or at least someone with her name, died years earlier. And Christian’s real name is Nick, a con artist who seduces wealthy women and steals their money. But which one of them is a murderer?

This is an aptly titled book because you must look closer to follow all the deceptions. As the author says in the opening chapter, “The best lies are the ones closest to the truth.”

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