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Michael Connelly: Dark Sacred Night

Michael Connelly Dark Sacred Night Square

Book 94. I might just make my target of 100 yet with a week and a half to go!

I’ve said it over and over—Harry Bosch is one of my favorite fictional detectives. He’s relentless in his pursuit, willing to do whatever it takes to catch the bad guy, and a total mess in his personal life.

Over the years, he has had a number of partners, but Renee Ballard might be one of the best. She’s younger and less experienced, but exceedingly talented and willing to push the boundaries to get justice. And, just like Bosch, she can’t seem to stay on the right side of politics in the LAPD. She is every bit his equal as a character, not a sidekick.

I also like the way Connelly depicts the life of a detective—multiple events and cases, lots of reports, and not everything ties up neatly. It makes for an entertaining and gritty read.

So as I always say when it comes to a Bosch book—if you are a fan of Harry Bosch, this read is excellent. And if you haven’t tried Connelly out, go for it (though I would encourage you to go back to the beginning of the series).

Michael Connelly: Dark Sacred Night
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