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Michael Harvey: The Innocence Game

Michael Harvey The Innocence Game Square

Book 92 for the year. A long ways to go to hit my goal of 100 and a very short time left. My doubts are growing.

A group of three college students take a special invitation-only seminar aimed at finding convicted felons who are actually innocent of their crimes. One of the students has received a tip of a particular case to look into and drags the others into the investigation.

But as they begin reviewing the decade old crime, the heinous murder of a child, they stumble across the body of a current victim with striking similarities. Their activities draw the unwanted attention of a corrupt members of the legal system and the pursuers become the pursued.

Add in some secrets that each of the students are carrying (as well as the professor who leads the seminar) and the plot is exactly as complex (maybe even convoluted) as I have described. Whether you like the book will boil down to whether you like twisting plots like this (and accept the presented twists) or whether you think it takes one – or quite a few – turns too many.

Michael Harvey: The Innocence Game
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