One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Minka Kent When I Was You

When I Was You

Minka Kent

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Brienne Dougray recovers from a months-earlier violent assault that left her frightened to leave the safety of her home. She struggles to recover her memories from her life before the incident, but that is complicated by the abandonment of her friends after a disagreement she can’t even remember.

Her only solace is a tenant who rents part of her house, Oncology Specialist Dr. Niall Emberlin. He is kind, compassionate, and handsome–traits Brienne finds madly attractive, though she resists her interest in him because he is going through a divorce.

Her isolated world is rocked further when she discovers a woman on social media has assumed her identity. She drives the same car. Has the same hair style. And even wears the same clothes and carries the same purse. She is so convincing that even family members have connected to her.

Brienne gathers the courage to leave the safety of her house and confront the woman. That meeting raises the frightening possibility that she isn’t who she thinks she is and the few memories she has aren’t her own.

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