One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Nikolas Butler Little Faith

Little Faith

Nickolas Butler

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Lyle Hovde has lived a quiet Wisconsin life with his wife, Peg, with only one major tragedy, the loss of their infant son. They adopted their daughter, Shiloh, in the aftermath of their loss. She rebelled as a teenager and they lost touch, but she has returned to their house with her five-year-old son, Isaac.

Lyle’s life hold simple pleasures. The laughter of his grandson. His work in an apple orchard. His time with his best friends, one of whom is also his minister. He attends church every Sunday, though he holds little faith after losing his son.

When Shiloh announces her intentions to move to a nearby town, she explains it’s to be closer to her preferred church. Over time, Lyle and Peg discover that Shiloh is also dating the minister of the church, a charismatic young man who believes that Isaac holds the power of healing. As they learn the church eschews modern medicine in favor of faith healing, they increasingly worry about the impact on their young grandson.

As Shiloh drifts away from them isolates their grandson more and more, Lyle and Peg have to decide whether and how to intervene.

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