December 27, 2018

Stephen King: Elevation

Book 97 of 100 for the year. Stephen King: Elevation – A man discovers he is getting lighter despite not showing any outward signs of weight loss.

Let me be clear—I did not choose this book to read because it was short and would help me achieve my goal of 100 books for the year. In fact, when it appeared in my stack of books to be read, I thought at first I was looking at a CD case. Clocking in at around 28,000 words, this novella is a light, easy read and a lot of fun as well.

And, despite the subject of inexplicable weight loss, this should not be confused with King’s earlier novel, Thinner (written as Richard Bachman). The earlier novel is dark and foreboding as Billy Halleck’s body wastes away. The characters are shady and corrupt, so the curse feels justified.

But, in Elevation, Scott Carey is good person and attempts to do the right thing with people he knows. His condition is less a curse than an anomaly. Because he does not exhibit obvious signs of weight reduction, he can hide his situation from all except the closest of friends.

While King is known as the master of horror, Elevation is not in that genre. The story is hopeful and uplifting with just a touch of the mystical with the unexplained physical condition. And, at such a short length, an easy tale to read in a single sitting.

Stephen King: Elevation
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