One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Hank Phillippi Ryan First To Lie

The First To Lie

Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Nora Quinn is a young pharmaceutical sales rep for Pharminex pushing a hot fertility drug. Ellie Berenson is the veteran reporter working to crack the big story that Pharminex lies about the potential side effects of the drug. Meg Weest is the young reporter weaseling her way into Ellie’s story. Gabriel Hoyt works for a law firm building a lawsuit against the uber-wealthy Vanderwald family. Pharminex and the Vanderwald’s will do anything, including murder, to stop them.

Or maybe everything is a lie.

No spoiler here because a reader discovers only a few pages into the story that someone is lying. And with only a few more pages, more than one someone. As the remaining pages fly by, deceit after deceit is revealed like an onion being peeled. About the only thing a reader knows to be true is that lies are being told.

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