One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Michael Connelly The Law Of Innocence

The Law of Innocence

Michael Connelly

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Mickey Haller (aka, The Lincoln Lawyer) faces his toughest case yet—defending himself from a murder charge. The victim is a former client who hadn’t paid his bills. Worse, he was murdered in Haller’s garage and found in the trunk of Haller’s car during a traffic stop by the LAPD.

Haller’s past accomplishments have earned him a long list of enemies. They work to keep him in jail with a high bail requirement, risking Haller’s life among both criminals and security guards who want revenge. The evidence against him has holes, but the prosecutor plays the same dirty tricks Haller has used in the courtroom, frustrating his case.

Haller knows he needs more than to be found not guilty. He must prove his innocence by finding the guilty party. The further his team digs, the higher the chance that someone will stop him—permanently.

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