One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Only Survivors

The Only Survivors

Megan Miranda

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Cassidy Bent decided she wasn’t attending the tenth anniversary reunion on the Outer Banks. They weren’t really friends, after all. Their connection was that they were the only survivors of a horrible accident while in high school.

On the day the reunion begins, she receives a text that changes her mind. One of the survivors died a few months earlier. He was the second. The first died on the first anniversary. Now only seven of them remained alive. She feels compelled to go.

Once at the house they’ve stayed in every year, her regret grows. One of the remaining seven disappears, saying she needs alone time. Then she stops responding to their calls. Their worry for her grows as an approaching storm threatens to close the only escape off the island.

Cassidy finds a phone on the beach. The phone that texted her and got her to come to the reunion.

Her anxiety grows as the pressure in the house builds. Lies are told and uncovered. Confrontations escalate. They’ve retreated to this house each year not just because of the guilt of surviving. They also share the guilt of what happened all those years before. Of the horrible decisions they had to make about who would survive and who wouldn’t.

And somewhere under the surface, other secrets. Dark secrets. Deadly secrets.

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