One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:


The Other Emily

Dean Koontz

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A decade after the love of his life disappeared, David Thorne remains a haunted man. He visits Ronny Lee Jessup, a convicted serial killer who has confessed to numerous murders, and claims more unnamed victims, under the pretense of writing a book. He hopes Jessup will admit to murdering Emily Carlino and disclose where he hid the body. He’s even searched Jessup’s house and the twisting basement where horrors were committed for clues.

Sitting alone in his favorite restaurant, David looks up and is shocked to see Emily at the bar. Shaken by the impossibility of it all, he approaches, but the woman says her name is Maddison Sutton. David knows she can’t be his long-lost love, particularly because the woman is the same age as Emily when she disappeared years ago. Still, she looks like Emily. Talks like Emily. Has the same likes and dislikes as Emily. He finds himself falling in love all over again for the other Emily.

As he struggles to understand what’s happening, he tries to find out more about Maddison, but her past is a mystery. The more he digs, the more unsettling the answers, including her connection to a long-dead man who has been seen since his death.

What really happened the night Emily went missing? How is Maddison connected to her?

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