One of the hundred books a year I read:

One of the hundred books a year I read:

Jeff Zentner Serpent King

The Serpent King

Jeff Zentner

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Dillard Wayne Early Jr. has many problem fitting into his high school in small town Tennessee. No escaping the shadow of his father since they share the same name. The elder Early’s reputation as a fundamentalist preacher who believes in snake handling is half the problem. The fact he’s serving prison time for a scandalous crime is the other half.

Fortunately for Dill Jr., he has two best friends who make life bearable, even if they are both misfits as well. Lydia is immensely popular, at least online as a teenaged influencer, though that makes her a target in school. Travis lives in his own medieval fantasy world, something he loudly announces with his choice of clothing.

With their last year of high school upon them, they must make the hard life choices of that age, but they each face their own conflicts of loyalty to family, poverty, and following their heart.

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