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    Musing: Crosswalk Hazards

    For the most part, our neighborhood greenway snakes through the forest behind houses, a serene setting that makes for a relaxing stroll. We enjoy it twice a day as we walk our dogs.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you have to emerge from the woods. When the path navigates over one of the neighborhood streets, a crosswalk with warning signs, a speed hump, and painted markers indicates to drivers that pedestrians may be present. State law and common courtesy requires vehicles to yield to anyone on foot.

    The vast majority of people obey. No matter what urgent task they are off to handle, they can wait for the half-minute it takes for us to go on our way. We always wave our thanks to show our appreciation.

    Today’s post isn’t focused on the many, but the few who refuse to yield. We make it a point to never step into the road until we are positive the driver will stop. By looking them directly in the eye as they approach, we can read their intentions.

    For those few who ignore the rules, we’ve been able to group them into buckets. To help you spot them in the wild, allow me to share my identification clusters.

    E.T. Phone Home: The driver who is far more interested in his phone than the hazards in the road.

    They are easy to spot because their eyes are cast down at the phone they have “hidden” in their lap. All drivers glance away from the road at times, but this group focuses on that precious electronic. The text, email, or TikTok video is far more important than actually watching the road.

    If asked, this person isn’t oblivious to the dangers of looking at their phone while driving. They often rant about others doing it. The problem is that they consider themselves to be the exception—the person who can drive and text simultaneously.

    Part of that belief comes from the fact they never know they almost hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk because they never saw one there. That knowledge would have required them to look up long enough to be aware.

    Don’t make eye contact: The driver who stares straight ahead to avoid any eye contact with a person attempting to cross a road.

    This driver is watching the road. Only the road. As long as they don’t connect visually with a pedestrian, they don’t have to acknowledge their presence. This is basically reverse camouflage. If I can’t see you, you don’t exist.

    Shock and Awe: This driver will look you right in the eye… as they whiz through the crosswalk.

    Their wide eyes and even wider mouth held open in shock indicates their extreme surprise. After all, who would expect to see someone walking? Especially in a crosswalk? They are stunned at your mere existence.

    If only someone would make those bright yellow signs with a person walking more visible, maybe this driver wouldn’t be so surprised. 

    Chatty Cathy (or Carl): This person is deeply focused… on the conversation they are having with their passengers.

    The stories being told in the car are funny, or the argument is intense, or the kids in the backseat need to be lectured. During the all-important conversation, though, they are not aware of anyone outside their vehicle.

    Fortunately, if they do hit a pedestrian, they can blame it on the passengers for distracting them.

    The Zombie: Easily identified by the blank stare, this person hasn’t quite awakened yet, or is reviewing the pending to-do list at work, or is planning the grocery list, or doing any of a thousand tasks outside the car. Whatever the distraction, they aren’t aware a person is crossing in front of their car. Or aware they are driving. Or aware of much of anything else.

    The Makeup Artist To this driver, the real purpose of the rearview mirror is to style hair, apply makeup, or check for blemishes. When one needs to look their best, who has time to pay attention to others?

    By the way, this category is no more restricted to one sex than is the Chatty Cathy (or Carl). Many a man has been tousling his hair as he flies by, unaware of a person on foot.

    Tour de France: This unique creature isn’t found operating a car. Rather, they are pedaling a bicycle. Pedaling it quite fast, in fact, far above the speed limit of a residential street.

    Identified by their bright plumage to indicate their superiority to bicyclists who obey the law, drivers with their mere automobiles, or virtually any other human, they know that no law applies to them. They don’t have to stop at stop signs or traffic lights, and they certainly don’t have to yield to pedestrians.

    This creature is particularly challenging because they tend to travel in herds.

    The Center Of The Universe: Ah, that special driver. They are the best driver in the world. Just ask them and they will tell you.

    If only everyone else learned to drive and get out of their way, their world would be better. And, yes, that includes pedestrians because they shouldn’t get in front of their car and slow them down.

    Conclusion: Yes, please give us mere pedestrians half a chance. We know that almost all of you do. Sadly, the few who don’t probably won’t pay attention to my plea anyway.

    Have I missed any, Dear Readers? Please don’t hesitate to add your suggestions in the comments.

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    Gratuitous Dog Photo: Not Siberian Husky Cold

    But I’m not cold

    Our temperatures never rose above freezing yesterday. When I suggested to the dogs that we should go inside where it was warm, this was the response I received from Typhoon. Ah, the joys of Siberian Huskies.

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    Get outside for a walk this week, but be careful crossing the street.

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    1. JEAN BURKHARDT on November 14, 2022 at 6:52 am

      I actually don’t spend a lot of time anymore walking across streets because of my bad knees BUT do remember the days when people in cars weren’t that nice as you tried to get across the street! I really love the different descriptions and names you gave some of the drivers!

      Typhoon is acting yes like a Siberian-LOVES the cold!!!

    2. Amarok & Co on November 14, 2022 at 9:55 am

      You nailed those driver descriptions! Loved it . . . and so frustrating when you are trying to cross any street. Thank you 🙂
      My late mutt-ly Malamute thought the temperature only started being decent when it was 40 or below . . . give him a polar vortex anytime. This made walking him a challenge for the “wimpy” human.

    3. Juno's mom on November 14, 2022 at 12:32 pm

      As usual, it has to be Typhoon’s decision. Juno would lay in the last patch of snow on the deck to nap.
      Cellphones made a lot of drivers more dangerous.

    4. Debbie & Miss Ruby on November 14, 2022 at 3:25 pm

      You really did describe rude and uncaring drivers!! 9 out of 10 drivers I see don’t even bother to stop for the stop sign near out rail trail. We finally got some cooler weather and Ruby is a happy girl.

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