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    Musing: Misunderstood Gator

    Leaf looker season is in full swing in Asheville right now, so our restaurants are doing a booming business. We went to one of our regular haunts Monday evening, typically a slow night, and found the place hopping.

    The host advised that she could offer us a table in the bar right away, or we could wait for a spot in the main dining area. We opted for speed and soon found ourselves seated. With numerous TVs flickering and people chatting, the area was noisy, but not bothersome. We were just hungry.

    We were still getting settled when our server arrived table side. She offered to get us drinks and an appetizer while we perused the menu.

    EPPIL, My Ever Patient Partner In Life, leaned forward to be heard over the din and requested a glass of cabernet. With a quick glance at the extensive draft beer selection, I ordered a Gaelic Ale.

    Asheville has many fine qualities, and one of my favorites is the strong craft beer industry. From large breweries to small businesses, we have a wide selection to choose from.

    One of the popular red ales is Highland Brewing’s Gaelic Ale, a brew that can be found in numerous restaurants in the area. I ordered it the way many people do with the generic description “Gaelic Ale.” Outside of Asheville, those two words may not define what you are after, but here it does.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t speak loud enough. The server looked at me, cocked her head, and asked, “What do you want to drink?”

    To be heard, I repeated my order, but with the full name. “I want a Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale.”

    “Absolutely. Have it right out.”

    We reviewed our menus, sipped ice water, and discussed dinner options. Within a couple of minutes, our drinks arrived. A glass of brilliant red cabernet for EPPIL. A deep amber colored ale for me.

    As is our habit, we started with a gratitude-of-the-day toast. We think of something positive that happened during the day and toast it together. Every so often, the item is momentous, but mostly, it’s something small that went right. It’s a great way to focus for a minute or two on the positive.

    Since we do this every night, we both were ready with our thoughts and clinked our glasses. With our attitudes focused on the good, we settled back in our seats and chatted.

    A runner from the kitchen appeared beside our table with a hot plate. He announced, “Gator tail?”

    We shook our heads. “Nope. Not us.”

    “Oh, sorry.” The poor runners have a difficult job. They must deliver food quickly and efficiently, but the only guidance they have is a table number. If that gets miscommunicated somehow, they don’t know where to go. He gallantly went off on a search for the right table.

    Thinking nothing of the encounter, we returned to our conversation. Within a minute or two, our server appeared with the runner by her side. “Didn’t you order the gator tail?”

    Confused, I answered, “No.”

    But then it hit me, as it probably already has occurred to you. Gaelic Ale and gator tail sound quite similar, particularly in a noisy environment. I couldn’t help but smile as I raised my glass and said, “Gaelic Ale.”

    The server understood right away and laughed along with us. She tried to apologize, but we were all giggling about the confusion. Apologies aren’t necessary for something so silly.

    When she brought our dinner order a few minutes later, she was still laughing. “I’ve worked here a long time. Never done that one.”

    And so, a simple beer order became something that made us all laugh. Such a silly little thing, but it amused me. And I thought it would amuse you.

    Gator tail anyone? I can recommend a good beer to go with it.

    A Special Halloween Treat: Mystical Talking Jack-O’-Lantern

    When I was a little kid, a neighbor transformed their yard into a magical Halloween wonderland. Kids from miles around descended on the house to experience the wonder. The focal point was a mystical, talking jack-o’-lantern that both amazed and petrified me. This is the tale the first time I was brave enough to face it without my older brother for protection. Enjoy the tale and share it with friends.

    Gratuitous Dog Photo: Bored With Busyness

    When is he ever going to finish?

    Canine co-workers are not impressed with human busyness, especially on a pretty fall day when we could be walking trails. Landon waits not-so-patiently for the afternoon walk.

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    Until Next Monday

    Beware of sneak gator attacks, especially in bars while waiting for a beer. See you next Monday.

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    1. JEAN BURKHARDT on October 24, 2022 at 8:06 am

      Oh wow-Gator Tail??? I can see how that could be misunderstood in a very noisy place but glad you finally got what you really wanted to eat!

      Poor Landon-I hope he didn’t have to wait TOO long for his walk!

    2. Debbie & Miss Ruby on October 24, 2022 at 9:09 am

      Love the Gator Tail Tale on a dreary Monday.

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