Imagination Conjuring Reality

D.K. Wall

Imagination Conjuring Reality

Proud Bull Elk - October 12 2016

Bull Elk in Cataloochee Valley

Photographs from a sunrise trip into Cataloochee Valley. This Bull Elk was proudly protecting his herd of cows and calves.

Proud Bull Elk - October 12 2016

Yes, he did appear to be strutting quite proudly in front of us, though that is really more behavior making it clear to us to leave his herd alone. Notice the one broken horn on his right antler, probably from a clash with another bull as they were each making claims to territory and cows.

Bull Elk In Field - October 12 2016

He was placing himself between us and his herd, making his claim quite clear. All of these photos are taken at 400mm, so we were a respectful distance away. Being too close is dangerous and a violation.

Bugling Bull Elk - October 12 2016

Despite their size, the bull bugling, as shown above, is a fairly high pitched sound.

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