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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Coyote 1 - December 18 2016

Coyote Neighbors Visiting

Our coyote neighbors usually stay in the lower field, but one visited in the front yard mostly shrouded in the fog of sunset.

Coyote 1 - December 18 2016We have long shared our property with a pack of coyotes. They compete with the dogs for rabbits and love to join in the dogs’ songs, but otherwise cause no issues for us. Normally, however, they venture only into the lower field.

Coyote 2 - December 18 2016Last night, however, the fog was quite dense, so this coyote felt safe venturing into the upper field in front of the house. That field is ripe with rabbits, so she probably thought it was a great target for dinner. The photo, unfortunately, was taken through a window, at near dark, through the fog at a distance of about 100 feet, so not ideal conditions. As always, you can select any picture to reveal a Retina quality image, though this particular image will have noise in it because of the conditions.

4 thoughts on “Coyote Neighbors Visiting”

  1. She’s so beautiful. I wonder what happened to her tail? The first time I saw one in the wild, we were coming home on a highway and it was late at night and on was in the middle of the highway. It was so close I could have smacked it on its butt. We had to swerve to miss it and thank God no one else was near by us. It was pretty dead on this highway. It scared the crap out of me, but I was so happy to finally see one. I have heard them many of times. I love to hear the sing. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. They are fascinating. We have them in the Colo foothill neighborhoods and unfortunately there’s a mange problem. People are putting ivermectin in hotdogs or eggs for them. Has to be thrown out at the moment one with the condition is spotted.

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